We Publish Original Australian Art Cards

From an idyllic country setting in the historic Goldfields area of Central Victoria we distribute an unique and colourful range of beautiful, finest quality Art Cards, Note Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap and Bookmarks. Our creative and passionate production team design and print products featuring a wide diversity of original Australian art, generously offered to us by many talented artists and leading regional art galleries.


Products are designed and manufactured to the highest gallery standards and feature a wide variety of themes and artistic styles. Over the years they have become well known and are sought after for their quality, variety and affordability. Sales of our unique Australian products also directly benefits all parties involved in our small but innovative art publishing venture.


Australian Art & Images was established in 1991 by Jenifer Simmonds with the specific aim of publishing and distributing an unique range of finest quality Australian Art Cards which would showcase the work of Australian artists. With the launch of Art Publishing in 2000, this concept was expanded to enable our team to work in close creative collaboration with a wide spectrum of Australian artists, artisans and major regional art galleries to assist them self-publish their work as finest quality Art Cards, Art Prints, Bookmarks and other art-related products.

Publish Your Own Artwork as Art Cards

We also design and publish similar art-related products for artists, regional galleries, and for other card distributors. And we would be delighted to show you how easily and cost-effectively we can turn your original artwork into beautiful Art Cards, Square Note Cards, Bookmarks, Wrapping Paper or Fine Art Prints - all for your sole and exclusive distribution. Full details under Publishing.

New Warehouse

Since we started publishing original Australian art nearly 19 years ago, the business has outgrown six warehouses. Until finally, at the end of 2007, we moved into our own purpose-built warehouse on the Wesley Hill Industrial Estate, here in Castlemaine. This wonderful new space has been fitted out with rows custom-designed metal Dexion shelving for bulk storage of boxed cards, whilst other shelves have been designed for loose card storage and efficient order-picking.


The warehouse also includes a white-walled packing room art gallery where we enjoy working surrounded by an ever-changing collection of paintings - including the original artwork for some of our popular Art Cards. We are delighted to show Customers around the warehouse and gallery to select their orders, including some of the very latest titles hot off the press - and visits by appointment are always welcome.

• click images for larger view

Art Publishing Warehouse, Units 5 & 6 at 2 Storage Court, Wesley Hill Business Park, Castlemaine, Central Victoria

Warehouse: heavy-duty Dexion shelving for
bulk boxed card storage

Warehouse: special metal Dexion shelves holding loose stock for collating orders

Packing Room Gallery: with purpose-designed packing table and shelves, and original artwork
adorning the walls

(Auguste Blackman's large and colorful 'Tropical Lear' keeps a whimsical eye on proceedings!)

Another view of the Packing Room Gallery showing packing table, also under-bench
storage for envelopes and sleeves